Historic Markers in Cooleemee

The small Town of Cooleemee is proud of its efforts to preserve its history. This work includes the operation of three heritage museums and an active children’s program. Although many of its historic structures are now gone, the mill and over three hundred of its mill houses remain.

There are also 7 historic markers in Cooleemee that have been erected by the state of North Carolina.

New Historic Marker Dedicated 9/22/2012 – The Rosenwald School
Cooleemee’s 7 NC State Historic Markers are currently in place to recognize the Old Birck School, North Cooleemee Elementary School, The Old Wood School, The Riverside Hotel, The Old Square, North Carolina historian Hugh Lefler, and the Rosenwald School. The plaque recognizing the Rosenwald School is the most recently erected plaque. The Plaque for the Rosenwald School was dedicated on September 22,2012.

As you walk or drive through town, take a few moments to appreciate the rich history and traditions of our wonderful community.

PDF of Cooleemee Historic Markers