Independence Day in Cooleemee

 Cooleemee’s July 4th parade was celebrated Monday, July 5th, 2021.   The sidewalk was filled with spectators filled with anticipation for candy to fill pockets of loved ones. 

 Floats were filled with children, adults and golf carts toted families and friends. Many antique cars were on display shinning like brand new ones right off the lot.

Ones of Cooleemee’s masters, Jack Jerome, rode his lawnmower while decked out in celebration.  He just might be the oldest master in Cooleemee.

 Ann Miller Spry was sitting with grandson Zach. He shouted “Amen” when the camera clicked.  No doubt they were having fun! 

Teachers of summer school took time out to enjoy the festivities too.

Commissioner Jeannie Taylor was handing out arms full of frozen chilly willies, Daphne Beck proved she could blow bubbles while handing out watermelon and the hotdog line was long but no one complained about the wait.

 The slip n’ slide is always a big hit and tiny ones up to Cooleemee’s fire chief went down the slide.  It was very hot so getting wet was enjoyed by all.

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2021 Cooleemee 4th of July - Lawn Mower Parade

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