Author: KC Smith

Egg Drop in Cooleemee a Huge Success!

On Saturday, March 30th, The Bridge Church, located at 191 Main Street in Cooleemee, sponsored an egg drop at the Cooleemee Fire Department.

Josh Ijames provided hayrides, while the Bridge donated free hotdogs, cotton candy, flavored ice, popcorn, and water.

A food truck served free ice cream until they ran out.  

Wristbands divided the children’s age groups so the egg drop could be fair and safe.

a person with their arms up in the air at an easter egg hunt event
Pastor Justin Blue of The Bridge Church

Pastor Justin Blue wore a mic, which helped him to manage the large groups.  He certainly had a way to get everyone’s attention; this event was definitely not his first rodeo!

The candy-filled eggs were dropped from firetruck #13’s bucket while the crowd gave a resounding countdown. 

Faith Ann was walking toward her mother with a bucket of eggs, with a nice dome on top that was about to flow over the edge.  

She happened to pass a younger girl who had a very small amount of eggs in her basket.  Faith Ann turned around and put eggs in the little girl’s basket.  Her kindness and compassion weren’t overlooked. How about Faith leading by example?

The energy surrounding the event was happiness, and by far, the event exceeded any and all expectations.    

A big thank you to all the volunteers of the Bridge Church.  This egg drop event was a huge success! Feel free to contact me at or 336-250-1133. I would love to hear from you.      

My Friend Grimes “Bimmy” Parker

My friend, Grimes “Bimmy” Parker, passed away recently, and I can’t bring him back.

Early Monday morning, before I was about to jump in the shower before leaving to care for our granddaughter, my husband said my name in a way I knew something was wrong.

“Bimmy passed away last night,”

It was like a silver magnet pulled me to Jeff’s chest quickly, and I held him tight. “I thought they were working on removing the fluid from his heart, and then they will treat his kidneys and wake them up?” That was what I was praying for, but it didn’t work out that way.

Wait a minute. He didn’t teach me how to plant peanuts!

Planting and harvesting peanuts, I thought, would be the coolest thing to learn how to do, and he did it every year. Every time I saw a bag of peanuts still in the hull, I would smile because I knew someone in my town who planted these things. I’m sure he would have taught me if only I had asked.

Duke Street isn’t a street I drive down often, but several times when I would, he would be sitting in a chair in front of his garage in the driveway with his legs crossed. I can imagine the conversations we would have had if only I had stopped by for a visit. Regret can send you into a whirlwind of thoughts when someone close to you passes away.  

“But wait, I was going to, I could have, I should have.” Those thoughts sure don’t fill the void. The memories lift me up though, and I saturate my mind with them.

I was so honored when he called and asked me to be on the basketball camp board.

The first Grimes Parker Basketball Camp Invictus stands out most in my mind. All the dreams, hopes, ideas, and plans that he and Steve Fleming had came to fruition that day, and I’m so happy I was there, along with so many other volunteers, to see the magic happen.

“So what do you think, KC?”

“I thought it was fantastic, Bimmy, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

So many great ideas come to us, and then we think, “Whew, it would take a lot to make that happen,” and then we put them in our back pockets or, worse, throw them away. If only we had held on to that thought, that dream, that idea.  How many lives would have been richer if we had pursued it further?

There is never a good time to lose a friend or loved one. No matter how prepared we try, it’s out of our control. Writing a letter to Bimmy and telling him how much he has enriched my life is a very healthy thing to do. Putting thoughts down on paper clears the mind and heals the soul.

I hope his chair will be sitting where he used to sit in that driveway so I can drive by, stop, and leave a note or two. Grimes  “Bimmy” Parker, a Master of Cooleemee, will never be forgotten. Feel free to contact me at or 336-250-1133. I would love to hear from you.  

Dancing the Afternoon Away – Cooleemee Elementary School Celebrated Valentine’s with a Dance 

Cooleemee Elementary School had the gym popping with vibrations of music, twirling, jumping, and laughter, for it was the special time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hot pizza was brought in, and boy, did it smell good!  Candy and snacks were available for the students to purchase as they went through the line to pick up a big slice of pepperoni pizza.

It’s so much fun watching girls and boys roam around the room with uninhibited manners.  Two boys said they were having a good time just walking around and talking to each other, and girls dancing in a circle, holding hands or twirling in their pretty dresses.  It sent the message they were happy and joyful.

Some fifth graders felt awkward and bored.  I reminded them that next year, they would be with the older kids when they went to middle school, and their faces lit up.

Some schools divide the age groups up: kindergartens and first grade, second and third graders, and fourth and fifth graders.  The times are divided among the total. 

This may take additional planning and organization but all in all, the majority had a great time this year. 

Thank you, teachers and volunteers, for giving the students another event to create more memories that they will remember for a lifetime.

Feel free to contact me at; I would love to hear from you.

Walk, Pick up Trash, and Meet Your Neighbors – Join Cooleemee’s New Plawking Group

Getting exercise and making new friends while cleaning up the community. Join Cooleemee’s plawking group. (L to R)  Keziah Martin, Joey Shore, Tangela Dalton, Lela Ijames, Josh Ijames

On Sunday, February 4th, there was a lot of plawking (picking up trash while walking) going on on the streets of Cooleemee. Josh Ijames, Lela Ijames, Tangela Dalton, Keziah  Martin, and Joey Shore were carrying black trash bags, and they were full of trash. That’s what people do when they love their community, they want to get some exercise and make new friends while picking up trash.

Josh Ijames and his wife Lela have created a Cooleemee Action Forum, which is a neighborhood organization that allows citizens and non-citizens who have interests, likes, or beliefs in the town to be able to participate more openly in a public forum. While still in the beginning stages of creating the forum, plawking will continue on Sundays at 2 p.m., meeting behind the Cooleemee Fire Department.  When others join the group, the time may change.  

Cooleemee’s new plawking group picks up trash along 801 S.  

Annual meetings will occur with structured monthly meetings with leadership in place with an organized agenda.  With full leadership in place, plans are to achieve non-profit status and obtain the ability to write their own grants. 

For updates, follow Cooleemee Action Forum on FaceBook.

Tangela Dalton has been very busy obtaining her non-profit status.  She lives in Cooleemee and is motivated to create a youth center.   She plans to call it Prosperity Youth Center of Cooleemee.  There is an array of services to offer, like essential life lessons, meeting new friends, movie nights, dancing nights, and workshops.  She has a building in mind, but that hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Keziah Martin holds the bag open for Tangela Dalton during a plawking meet-up on Sunday, February 4th.
Teamwork makes the dream work. Keziah Martin holds the bag open for Tangela Dalton during a plawking meet-up on Sunday, February 4th. 

Plawking is a fun way to meet people, get some exercise, and show some love for your town.  You can still be a plawker all by yourself; just pick up trash while you walk, and don’t forget to take a trash bag.

Feel free to contact me at or call 336.250.1133. I would love to hear from you. 

Autumn Harvest Night in Cooleemee

On September 29th, Cooleemee’s Historical Association partnered with Davie County Public Library to provide a movie night for the community.  An animated Spider-Man movie, popcorn, games, and other refreshments were enjoyed by all.  

The Bridge Church in Mocksville donated fresh apples and homemade goodies, including baked and fried apple pies and candy and caramel apples. Hot apple cider and hot cocoa were an added treat.

Pastor Justin and Melisa Blue brought a freshness to the event, and our appreciation and gratitude go out to them and their church community.  

Lisa Nielsen, chair of the board of trustees, Karen Martin, youth services librarian, Rachel Nelson, adult services and technology librarian, Teresa Bivins,  Cooleemee representative of the board, were all present for this event to provide a questionnaire for the community to share their voice about our current library in the Cooleemee Shopping Center.  What do they like about it, how can it be improved, and other helpful discussions from the community.  

Future Events 

  • October 28th, 6-8 p.m. – Ghost stories and s’mores around the fire pits at the Zachary House
  • November 4th, 3 p.m. –  Chicken Stew at the Zachary House

All events are free to the community.

Cooleemee Egg Hunt Fun for All Despite the Rain

(L to R) Mayor Jessica Almond, Commissioner Jeannie Taylor, Helen Daywalt, Town Clerk Aaron Thies

Cooleemee’s Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 8th, was cold, rainy, and wet. Understandably, many children stayed home where it
was warm and dry, but the ones who were brave enough to show up had a great time. Umbrellas came in handy for collecting the egg shells after goodies were found inside.

The egg hunt was divided into three age groups, and each had three special eggs with winning tickets inside. Easter baskets filled
with goodies and prizes were handed to all winners. Peter Rabbit was there to have pictures taken with the children, who were happy to see him.

One little guy took his hat off, and Peter Rabbit tossed an egg inside for a treat. After saying to the boy, “Wow, you have so many potatoes in your bucket!” he said, “They are not potatoes!” “Well, then, what are they?” “They are eggs!” Without a doubt, each kid knew why they were there. . . To find and collect as many eggs as they could! Each and everyone left with smiles, including the parents, because their children had such fun.

Grimes Parker Basketball Camp

After a two year COVID hiatus, it felt great to be back on the courts for the Grimes Parker Basketball Camp. Approximately 25 campers participated with about 10 no shows. The camp was held for 3 days, June 14th – 16th. Times were held from 9:00 till 12:00 with a 10 minute break in between.

Compared to past years of the camp, the days and times were scaled down including receiving a basketball, t-shirt and a backpack this year. Changes were made but the quality of the coaching and teachings remained the same, which is the main element of a good basketball camp.

Having different coaches each day gave the campers different styles of learning the same basics of the game. Parker’s family is in full support of the camp and their presence each day makes a huge difference. The coaches has have solidified their devotion to the annual event by saying they will always be there to keep the important camp going.

A big thank you goes out to Russell Hilton for his unending support of the gym and making sure things run smoothly. Shelia Taylor and other volunteers helping with checking in the camper and organizing the snacks each day are an integral part of the day. Jan Coleman never fails to be there each year to manage the restrooms and things must always run smoothly because she never asks for anything.

To all the other volunteers, your presence is appreciated and we want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to be there.

Feel free to contact me by 336-250-1133 or

2022 Cooleemee Duck Race

The annual Duck Race was held on Saturday, August 6th, 2022. Attendance seemed to be down a bit compared to past years, but enough tickets were sold to fill up the tractor bucket.

The three winners were: Tom Comadoll first place, Zachary Baker bought the last ticket and won second place and third place was won by Tom Coleman.

There is some discussion about moving the Duck Race next year to July 4th weekend. No final plans have been made as of yet.

The weather was warm and as usual after the race was completed, a thunderstorm makes its presence. What a great way to take the edge off the high temperatures.

Last Day of School

The fifth graders at Cooleemee School were honored with a grand walk through of students on both sides of the walkway, who were clapping, cheering, blowing horns, bubbles were floating in the air, special posters were held high with shouts of goodbyes to the end.

Cooleemee Elementary fifth grade students celebrate moving on to middle school on the last day of school in Davie County North Carolina.

The last day of school is filled with mixed emotions that can lead to tears and many hugs. Ms. Tatum praised her 4th grade by saying it was the best year ever. “This was a great good of kids, they worked very hard, test scores were great, so I’m very proud of their work.”

Cooleemee Elementary fifth grade students celebrate moving on to middle school on the last day of school in Davie County North Carolina. Group of students and teachers hugs.

The music director, Erin Penley, had a great year. During COVID, she was forced to push around a cart to the classes, so this year the students were excited they could go to her classroom, which meant they could do more with less limitations.

Group of sad Cooleemee Elementary students hold signs wishing fifth grade students a great year in middle school next year as they leave Cooleemee Elementary.

Principal, Angie Burgess, said the staff decided at the beginning of the school year they would focus on a school mission: Creating excellence for students. Every student received a packet of Marigold seeds which encouraged being positive and helping them find their positive self and to be a Marigold to everyone.

Cooleemee Elementary teachers and staff wave goodbye to students on the last day of school outside the building.

If the student became negative or discouraged the unopened seed packet would remind them of their ‘why’. The teachers stayed focus on their students because they are their ‘why’. As the end of school was approaching, attendance increased with reduction of COVID numbers, growth occurred in social, behavioral, emotional areas and academics.

Students hug on the last day of school in Cooleemee North Carolina.

Burgess is excited about where they were ending the year.

Ole Time Christmas 2021

How good it felt to hear the squeaky screen door of the Zachary House as kindergarten children from Cooleemee School entered to hear Christmas stories of long ago. December 3rd 2021, four classes enjoyed the Ole Time Christmas teachings sponsored by the CHA (Cooleemee Historical Association.)

This annual event is scheduled each year, but with the restrictions of COVID, several events were cancelled in the past few years so having the opportunity to begin again was good. The four classes were split up into two groups. Buses aren’t needed for transport to Church Street because it’s only about 2 blocks away with safety walking on the sidewalk.

The students were greeted with a warm welcome before starting their tour and were given a brief overview of what to expect during their visit. Antique toys were on display upstairs and they were allowed to gently touch and play with them. The young children were shocked to hear toys 100 years ago didn’t have batteries and that children their age had very few toys at all.

Oranges were very hard to come by in those days so it was very special to find one on Christmas morning as a gift. Nuts and additional candies were extra special. The cedar tree stood tall and grand as each child hung their handmade ornament and threw real pieces of cotton on the tree to resemble snow.

They were told their decorations made the tree very beautiful. The kindergarteners learned most households went into the woods to cut down a cedar tree for their families Christmas tree and drug it home. One child spoke up and said, “you could lay it down in the back’” they quickly learned they had to drag it home because they didn’t have a car. There was silence by all.

Bonnie Byerly taught the children how to roll an orange around on a table to make it juicy inside and then cut a hole in the side. By putting a peppermint stick in the hole you’ve made yourself a fresh homemade juice drink.

On their walk back to school, each carried a ‘poke’ with an orange, peppermint stick and candy inside. The CHA enjoys teaching children what it was like a long time ago in Cooleemee. Christmas time was a lot different back then. Young and old may not have had a lot but what they did have was enough to be happy sitting at a table having Christmas breakfast together.

May we all find time to enjoy special moments that money can’t buy like cutting a hole in an orange for a friend or family member, then hand them a peppermint stick for the straw.

Feel free to contact me at or call, 336-250-1133. I would love to hear from you.