Cooleemee Town Budget

Special Call Budget – May 2023

Motion to adopt agenda Commissioner Almond Second Commissioner Reavis

Aaron gave a run down on business maintaining to the budget now that the budget is adjusted out. 

First off Powell bill will not cover the entrance to the park as Aaron said he would investigate.  How ever there are funds inside the budget that will cover the cost.  Contingency hasn’t been used this year and there is $15,482.00 in the pot. 

Tables can be purchased with ARP funds now with the final rule being changed.    Originally at the last meeting Aaron said the funds couldn’t be used at the time looking into.  However, on April 10th they updated the final rule to say anything to a park would fall under an investment into a park to help with health of others.  We have already made a motion to get tables if Powell covers the entrance but since it wouldn’t now, we can use these funds to get the tables.  Aaron showed 2 options for tables and 2 options for benches.

Motion was made to go with 6 -6ft tables and 2 back bench was the pick to go by Commissioner Taylor Second by Commissioner Fleming. 

Aaron then explains the 510-budget section since there had been some confusion and rumors flowing round town.  Aaron said that the budget currently says that there is a total budget of $189,413.96 for the year.  The budget was at $229,275 when the $50,000 was added to cover the DCSO cost.  During the January 23rd meeting a motion made by Commissioner Taylor was made to move $39,861.04 to other areas to cover cost of items that wasn’t expected to happen like the recycling contract that town is still in that was only to be one year and to the trees being cut down in the park.  As well as moving all utilities being paid out of the town hall budget instead of the law budget.  A credit has been added to the 510-01-line item for the recent discover of a bill that was paid out for unemployment that was not a bill.  Aaron said that when it came in it was treated as if it was a bill, but after calling to find out why the funds weren’t pulled the town has an insurance bond that the amount was charged to. 

Aaron said at this time the system error should be 95% fixed with looking over again to make sure everything is in line. 

Motion by Commissioner Almond was made to mover 126.46 over to 10-510-54 to move it even out from 10-510-53, second by Commissioner Fleming.  4-0

Aaron said he talked to Jane Simpson to see if she knew of any grants that could be applied for to get the windows paid for.  She was going to look and see and get back in touch with me. 

Motion to adjourn at 6:51 by Commissioner Almond Second by Commissioner Taylor 4-0

Budget FY 2023-2024

A Budget Message Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Town of Cooleemee
Budget Message
FY 2023/2024

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners,

I am pleased to submit to you the Town of Cooleemee, North Carolina proposed budget for FY 2023/2024. The budget was prepared in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 159.7, the North Carolina Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act. All funds within the budget are balanced, and all revenues and expenditures are identified for FY 2023/2024.

This budget document presents the revenues and expenditures by source and function. The budget is designed to function as a work plan in guiding Town operations in an attempt to accomplish the goals and objectives established by the Board of Commissioners.

Tax Rate

The tax rate will remain at .42 cents per $100.dollars of evaluation.


The annual budget plan is one of the most important documents in local government as the Town strives to provide adequate levels of requested services and demonstrate accountability to the taxpayers. The process is informally a year-round effort in which Town elected officials and staff routinely monitors incoming revenues and outgoing expenditures to ensure fiscal prudence. The formal budget process began in January 2023. This year, the Board based its estimated revenues on those from the previous three years. This is because even the most “conservative” revenue figures given to us from various sources were higher than our actual income. This budget reflects the top objectives identified by the Town Board of Commissioners:

  • To continue to provide law enforcement coverage to the citizens of the town with DCSO.
  • To continue code enforcement work that enhances the appearance of the Town so as to stabilize property values, promote home ownership, and grow Cooleemee’s population.
  • To continue to expand recreation opportunities, especially for youth.
  • And, to continue delivering other essential services such as garbage collection and street lights.


 The recommended Town of Cooleemee Fiscal Year 2023/2024 budget for the General Fund and Powell Bill Fund is $ 435,325.00.

Economic Outlook

Property Personal and Real Property taxes remained closely the same with a slight increase.

A total reduction of 30% on sales tax for the upcoming budget year. A steady and similar Revenue in ABC contributions of approximately $20,000.00 are expected. Code violations remain high with tax liens.


The diligent work of the Town of Cooleemee Board of Commissioners and staff have resulted in a FY2023/2024 proposed budget document that represents the commitment of the Town to provide the citizens of Cooleemee with the services necessary to maintain a safe, friendly and community-oriented atmosphere in times of economic struggle. The Town will continue to move forward addressing the needs and desires of citizens in the most efficient and effective manner possible even with a decrease in revenues by approximately $15,000.00. I am optimistic about the coming year and look forward to the benefits that our citizens will realize through the improvements the Town will make in service delivery in FY 2023/2024.

Respectfully Submitted,

Finance Officer
June 26, 2023

2023-2024 Budget Ordinance