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Cooleemee offers a slower pace and a small-town way of life.
On any evening in warm weather, people are out walking its tree-lined streets. Hundreds of dogwoods and crepe myrtles adorn its homes. Many residents have spent their entire lives here, producing a stable core of citizens who are accustomed to welcoming newcomers.

Flowering Dogwood Trees line the streets of Cooleemee North Carolina in Spring

Cooleemee is a down-to-earth community.
It isn’t a manicured subdivision where neighbors never get to know each other. With blue-collar origins, today Cooleemee’s population is a diverse mix of white-collar professionals and people who still make things with their hands. Many residents are self-employed small business owners.

Traditions are important to Cooleemee.

We gather for community events, support our volunteer fire department and police, help neighbors when they need it.  Heritage and history have been preserved here, acting as a living force to improve our future.

Cooleemee is a forward-looking town.

Civic groups, churches and elected officials work together to undertake improvements and set goals for its future. Back in 2000, this small town began work to preserve the wooded banks of our river. In 16 months, we raised $1.1 million to acquire 80 acres of land, build amenities and three years later, RiverPark opened to the public. Volunteers help make Cooleemee a “can do” community.

Conveniently located, Cooleemee is an affordable place to live.

We are located 6 miles from Mocksville (I-40), 13 miles from Salisbury (I-85), 25 miles from Statesville. (I-77) and 28 miles from Winston-Salem. All types of affordable homes are available for sale—from brick ranch houses, stately two-story dwellings, and many 2-3 bedroom historic mill cottages.

Education is vital to Cooleemee and to surviving today’s world.

Cooleemee Elementary School is known for its excellent teaching staff and the use of modern technology. Parent participation is manifested in an active PTA. Local children are enriched with an outstanding heritage program, with a hands-on history lesson for every grade.

South Davie Middle School serves Cooleemee and Davie County High School is filled with both school spirit. and outstanding academic achievement

Safe and Secure – Cooleemee is a Low Crime Community

Police regularly patrol residential streets, schools and local businesses with a presence that helps prevent crime before it happens. The town’s widely respected police department consists of a chief and three full-time officers. When you go away for a vacation, officers will even keep an eye on your home.

Cooleemee People Know How to Relax and Enjoy Themselves

Weekend afternoons often see a birthday celebrated under a mini-shelter at our Marginal Street Playground. You might enjoy music or an outdoor movie with your family on the historic Zachary house grounds. “The Holler” park is a beautiful wooded spot with several natural springs. Softball league games draw people to cheer and savor a Carolina hotdog. The Town has just established a recreation department to organize sports and other activities for local youth.

A Rich Spiritual Life Imbues the Community With Values to Live by

Cooleemee has many dedicated congregations that include Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal and Church of God. Acts of kindness are commonplace and there is a striving to treat one’s neighbor as thyself.

A Town With Humble Roots

We began as a cotton mill town and our people survived by hard work, family, faith, and neighbors helping neighbors. The Town’s budget matches our population—small. Knowing that there will never be enough local government money to accomplish all we wish, Cooleemee cherishes its many volunteers who seize opportunities to improve the care of our young and older people and enhance the quality of life for all.

A Place Where You Shape the Future

Cooleemee knows that its residents ultimately hold the keys to the town’s future. Voices and new ideas are heard, giving citizens a chance to put their stamp on the future. It’s a place where active involvement in community life isn’t just a drop in the bucket.