Town of Cooleemee is Now Accepting RFQs for New Community Center

Notice of RFQs

The Town of Cooleemee is now accepting Requests for Qualifications for the Design and Construction of a New Community Center.

The Town of Cooleemee will accept these requests until July 12, 2024, at 4:00 PM.

The requests will be presented to the Board on Monday, July 15, 2024. A selection from the presented requests will be made after that date.

We ask that all requests be sealed upon the Town receiving, you may mail those to PO Box 1080 Cooleemee NC, 27014 or, you may bring these to Town Hall located at 131 Church St. Cooleemee NC, 27014.

Packets can be picked up at Town Hall if desired, or you can read and download the details of our Request for Qualifications for Professional Architectural Services for a New Community Center below:


Feel free to contact Town Hall for further questions at 336-284-2141 or email or any contact information included in the packet.

Request for Qualifications for Professional Architectural Services For a New Community Center

Submittals Due Date: July 12, 2024

Contact: Steven Corriher, Town Clerk
Town of Cooleemee
131 Church St PO Box 1080
Cooleemee, NC 27014
Phone (336)284-2141

The Town of Cooleemee, North Carolina is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide complete architectural services for the design, oversee construction, keep projects on task, and provide information to the board on status of a new Community Center. The Town is Interested in finding a firm that will develop the design in a manner that reflects the surrounding streetscapes as well as meets our current and future needs and work with the building contractor through the construction and completion of the project to ensure completed by deadline.

Firms can direct any questions to Clerk Steven Corriher Town Hall 336-284-2141 or email or to Mayor Jeff Smith 336-250-1135 or email

Project Overview
The Town owns property at 124 Duke St (the Old Pool site) where the proposed Community Center is projected to be built. The anticipated size of the building will be approximately 4000 sq ft., must be ADA compliant, with an estimated total budget of $1.25 million to include design, survey, grading and ground prep, and construction.

The facility we hope has some brick mixed with vinyl siding to match the criteria of the Town houses located around it. The facility will house a Community Room/Council Meeting room, restrooms, small residential style kitchen, and potential Davie County Library.

The following shall be incorporated in the new facility:

  • 2 Offices for Town Hall 250sq/ft each 500sq /ft total
  • Council Meeting room 800sq/ft
  • Conference Room 300sq/ft
  • Restrooms Handicap Acc 250sq/ft each 500sq/ft total
  • Residential Kitchen 250sq/ft
  • Lobby with area for vending 400sq/ft
  • Library w/ storage 800sq/ft
  • Exercise Room 300sq/ft
  • Storage Space 50sq/ft
  • Hallway between meeting room offices and library 100sq/ft

Other items of current use:

  • Sprinkler system for fire
  • Fire and Security alarm (we would pay monitor fees)
  • Utilities including water, sewer, power, phone, internet (we would pay the monthly fees
  • Proper drainage outside around the facility.
  • At minimum have Handicap and Employee parking on site

Potential Future use:

  • Outdoor picnic area
  • Outdoor amp theater

The Town of Cooleemee North Carolina proposes to retain a highly qualified firm to plan and design the project for a fixed cost. The Firm must have a commitment to designing a facility that functionally meets expected growth in the area while adhering to local architecture and history. Therefore, the successful Firm shall be familiar with local design themes and development processes. The Town of Cooleemee is the owner, and all financial and contract decisions will be made by the Town.
Submittal Requirements

  • The qualifications of the project team, the firm’s history, individual resumes, and current and completed projects over the last 5 years.
  • A list of similar projects current and completed by the firm within the last 5 years which are relevant to the scope, size, and complexity of the project as described above.
  • Provide examples of the experience of key members of the proposed team on the projects listed regarding demonstrated success with similar projects for local and state governments and educational institutions, preferably within North Carolina. Provide an organizational chart and resumes which will address the following:
    • Name the Principal in Charge, Project Manager, and other individuals to be assigned to the project, number of years of professional experience, and educational background inclusive of professional certifications.
  • List the following consultants that your firm plans on partnering with on this project such as Civil, Structural, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical.
  • List of client references for related projects with contact name, telephone number and email address.

Applicants will be evaluated on their ability to demonstrate:
Describe no fewer than five projects in order of most relevant to least relevant that demonstrate the Designer/Team’s capabilities to provide design services for the project at hand. Identify whether the projects involved any of the firms/companies included in responder’s submittal for this RFQ. For each project, the following information should be provided:

  1. Project name.
  2. Project location.
  3. Dates during which services were performed.
  4. Physical description (e.g., square footage, number of stories, site area).
  5. Cost description (this description, at a minimum, must include: original project budget; final project cost and explanation of any differences in the original and final costs, if applicable)
  6. Brief description of project.
  7. Services performed as Designer.
  8. Statement of performance versus owner expectations in the areas of cost, quality, and schedule.
  9. Owner reference(s).

Town of Cooleemee staff will evaluate each submitted RFQ and may select Firm(s) to interview. Upon selection, a recommendation will be made to the Town Council.

The Town of Cooleemee reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as well as to waive any irregularities as they see fit.