Cooleemee Park Gets New Playground Equipment

Students from Cooleemee Elementary School enjoy the upgrades at Cooleemee Park. 

With a new playset and fresh mulch, Cooleemee Park is getting a facelift. The playset, purchased with a grant from Davie County Recreation & Parks, replaces an outdated wooden structure and features a slide, bridge, swings, and a climbing section. 

“We hope that all the kids really enjoy this new playset,” said Town Clerk Aaron Thies, thanking Recreation & Parks for the grant that made it possible. He also expressed his gratitude to Hendrix Manufacturing of Woodleaf for donating the mulch, which has beautified the park, and Willard’s Grading for fixing the driveway, grading, and spreading the mulch. 

Stay Tuned for More!

Thies said there are more additions coming this year. The town has purchased two playsets for the little tots, which should be installed in the next few months. The Town will also redo the swingsets this spring. 

“We want to make sure we offer something for every age group and that the park is welcoming to all.” He plans to seek additional grant funding to continue updating the park and replace outdated equipment.