Autumn Harvest Night in Cooleemee

On September 29th, Cooleemee’s Historical Association partnered with Davie County Public Library to provide a movie night for the community.  An animated Spider-Man movie, popcorn, games, and other refreshments were enjoyed by all.  

The Bridge Church in Mocksville donated fresh apples and homemade goodies, including baked and fried apple pies and candy and caramel apples. Hot apple cider and hot cocoa were an added treat.

Pastor Justin and Melisa Blue brought a freshness to the event, and our appreciation and gratitude go out to them and their church community.  

Lisa Nielsen, chair of the board of trustees, Karen Martin, youth services librarian, Rachel Nelson, adult services and technology librarian, Teresa Bivins,  Cooleemee representative of the board, were all present for this event to provide a questionnaire for the community to share their voice about our current library in the Cooleemee Shopping Center.  What do they like about it, how can it be improved, and other helpful discussions from the community.  

Future Events 

  • October 28th, 6-8 p.m. – Ghost stories and s’mores around the fire pits at the Zachary House
  • November 4th, 3 p.m. –  Chicken Stew at the Zachary House

All events are free to the community.