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Dancing the Afternoon Away – Cooleemee Elementary School Celebrated Valentine’s with a Dance 

Cooleemee Elementary School had the gym popping with vibrations of music, twirling, jumping, and laughter, for it was the special time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hot pizza was brought in, and boy, did it smell good!  Candy and snacks were available for the students to purchase as they went through the line to pick up a big slice of pepperoni pizza.

It’s so much fun watching girls and boys roam around the room with uninhibited manners.  Two boys said they were having a good time just walking around and talking to each other, and girls dancing in a circle, holding hands or twirling in their pretty dresses.  It sent the message they were happy and joyful.

Some fifth graders felt awkward and bored.  I reminded them that next year, they would be with the older kids when they went to middle school, and their faces lit up.

Some schools divide the age groups up: kindergartens and first grade, second and third graders, and fourth and fifth graders.  The times are divided among the total. 

This may take additional planning and organization but all in all, the majority had a great time this year. 

Thank you, teachers and volunteers, for giving the students another event to create more memories that they will remember for a lifetime.

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Last Day of School

The fifth graders at Cooleemee School were honored with a grand walk through of students on both sides of the walkway, who were clapping, cheering, blowing horns, bubbles were floating in the air, special posters were held high with shouts of goodbyes to the end.

Cooleemee Elementary fifth grade students celebrate moving on to middle school on the last day of school in Davie County North Carolina.

The last day of school is filled with mixed emotions that can lead to tears and many hugs. Ms. Tatum praised her 4th grade by saying it was the best year ever. “This was a great good of kids, they worked very hard, test scores were great, so I’m very proud of their work.”

Cooleemee Elementary fifth grade students celebrate moving on to middle school on the last day of school in Davie County North Carolina. Group of students and teachers hugs.

The music director, Erin Penley, had a great year. During COVID, she was forced to push around a cart to the classes, so this year the students were excited they could go to her classroom, which meant they could do more with less limitations.

Group of sad Cooleemee Elementary students hold signs wishing fifth grade students a great year in middle school next year as they leave Cooleemee Elementary.

Principal, Angie Burgess, said the staff decided at the beginning of the school year they would focus on a school mission: Creating excellence for students. Every student received a packet of Marigold seeds which encouraged being positive and helping them find their positive self and to be a Marigold to everyone.

Cooleemee Elementary teachers and staff wave goodbye to students on the last day of school outside the building.

If the student became negative or discouraged the unopened seed packet would remind them of their ‘why’. The teachers stayed focus on their students because they are their ‘why’. As the end of school was approaching, attendance increased with reduction of COVID numbers, growth occurred in social, behavioral, emotional areas and academics.

Students hug on the last day of school in Cooleemee North Carolina.

Burgess is excited about where they were ending the year.